String of Pearls, Senecio Rowleyanus


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String of Pearls, Senecio Rowleyanus


String of Pearls is one of the beautiful and low-maintenance succulent you can grow indoor. String of pearls plant look like array of beads.

nIt’s is good choice for hanging baskets.

How to Care String of Pearls

Soil:  Like other cactus and succulent plants, it also needs well well-drainage sandy soil. If your pot doesn’t contain holes in the bottom, add some pumice in the soil.

Temperature: It needs an average indoor temperature, around 72 F.

Water: It doesn’t need too much watering. Too much watering can increase the probability of root rot. Water bi-weekly.

Propagation: It can easily propagate from cuttings. You can share cuttings of these plants with your loved ones as well.


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