Echinopsis (Subdenudata Cactus)


Subdenudata Cactus is a soft edged cactus with soft white feathered spots instead of spines on its body.

Notice: This product (as from luxury category) is available for cash on delivery all over Pakistan.
This picture is for reference only. Actual product may slightly vary.
Pot Type= Plastic Pot Size= 4 inch

Subdenudata Cactus is one of the most loved specie from the Echinopsis family. It has a relatively round shape with eight lines. That is why we also call it octagon cactus. You should also notice small dots like soft feathers all over this cactus which reminds us of the legendary old man cactus.

Perfect for your table decor. Care needed for the provision of water and light. Growth depends on the atmosphere, nature and weather.


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